About Us

Alex Konrad

Alex is a Historian writing his Ph. D. Dissertation on the West German perception of the Muslim World from the 1970s to 1990s.

He co-founded IBBIS because he values open dialogue outside of digital bubbles. Alex is our Chairman

Alice Greschkow

Alice studied political studies, communications and international relations in Münster, Madrid, Wroclaw and Roskilde. She currently works as a political advisor in Berlin. She co-founded IBBIS because she believes an culture of integration can be best achieved through direct contact and visualisation of individual stories.

Daniel Smith

Daniel studied history, philosophy, cultural studies and china studies in Karlsruhe, Berlin and Hangzhou. He co-founded IBBIS to help refugees and locals meet each other and create structures of responsibilities and support that facilitate mutual understanding and cooperation.

Jan Mehler

Jan studied political and administration studies. To him, helping is not an option but a duty. IBBIS offers him the possibility to not only help refugees on site but also to create an understanding for the individual plights of refugees. Given the looming division in society, it is important to him to use this opportunity to foster a peaceful and respecting dialogue.

Julia Baumann

Julia studied anthropology, history and peace- and conflict studies in Munich and Augsburg and is currently working on her masters degree at the Freie Universität in Berlin. She has worked with refugees for years in the fields of migration, flight, integration, foreignness and conflict. She co-founded IBBIS because she believes active one-on-one meetings are the only way to combat prejudice.

Miriam Bußkamp

Miri studied cultural studies and works in a refugee camp in Berlin. She is experienced in intercultural mentoring and teaches German as a foreign language. She co-founded IBBIS to help promote an intercultural society by helping volunteers to network. Miri is our observer to the chair.

Sarah Schrenk

Sarah studied special needs education and psychology in Munich. For years she has worked in various fields of intercultural and political education, focused particularly on human and children's rights. She co-founded IBBIS to promote the combination of direct on-demand help on sight and political sensitivity and education on a broader scale. She believes direct exchange is necessary for society to overcome the bounderies of nationality and ethnicity.  


Timo Bußkamp

Timo is an electrical engineer and works as a developer for a medical equipment production and R&D company in Berlin. As IT specialist for IBBIS, he co-founded because he believes that access to technology and communication is important for refugees to keep in touch with their family as well as vital for their integration into german society and self-empowerment. He acts as second chair.